Web Partners for Organizations (WPOrg)

Some of the Webs Developed and Designed by Web Partners

WPOrg was in the business of developing and hosting webs for nearly 20 years managing scores of domains.  But now we are retiring from the business and assisting our clients to transition to one of the online systems that makes it quite easy for the millions of people who have become very expert with computers and smart phones to do their own webs and Facebook and Twitter and Youtube, etc.  

During all our history our special interest has been in providing low-cost Internet solutions for non-profits, churches, and community organizations as well as for small businesses and professional practices.  Below are some examples of 'non-profit' webs we developed. 
Prairie Visions web
Shooting Star Scenic Trail web
Shooting Star Recreational Trail web
This is group of three inter-related webs.  Although each one has a distinctive look, all were developed from ideas from a standard commercial template which has since been highly modified by Web Partners.

These three contain many photos taken by local photographers which have been edited to make them web-friendly.

Custom graphics created by Web Partners are abundant in this group as well.
South African Mission web

MN Christian Convention web

Grace Christian Church, LeRoy MN
These three webs are examples of a number of sites WPOrg has done for churches and church-related organizations.  

These are XML and W3C compliant using either CSS or tables for positioning along with CSS for formatting. Some also JavaScript  and some have online payments elements.

The design basis for webs like these come from ideas seen on the Internet which Web Partners has incorporated into custom templates developed for these organizations.  WPOrg has added many original graphic elements.

FYI - this site is entirely an original design by WPOrg. 
The templates, CSS, and graphics were all created in-house.